Al Bustan Adhesives


Bustan Bond 313 (Multipurpose Pva Bonding Agent)


BUSTAN BOND 313 is a polyvinyl acetate based suspension used as a surface sealer bonding agent, admixture for cement and mortars.


This gives mortars specially topping mortar, very good resistance of screed treated with BUSTAN BOND 313 is excellent compare to conventional screed with common mortar the topping will be dust free, water, and oil and grace proof. Adhesives BUSTAN BOND 313 with almost all building materials except PVC rubber polyethylene. By adding to a suitable filter it can be used to bond plaster board. Ceramic tile, marbles etc…


As an adhesive for uneven surface or gaps to be filled, make a paste of BUSTAN BOND 313 diluted with equal amount of water, cement with fine sand. This paste can be applied as an adhesive for plaster board’s polystyrene tiles etc… top ceiling and walls. If the bonding surface is more porous add three times the amount of water to BUSTAN BOND 313 and prime the surface.


Shelf life at least for 18 months under normal ambient condition, store away from direct sunlight.

Health and Safety

Caution should be exercised with all the construction chemicals, gloves and goggles should be worm while using these chemicals. Any splashes to the eyes or skin should immediately be treated with fresh water. Should any of the product be accidently swallowed, do not induce vomiting and call for medical help immediate.