Al Bustan Adhesives


Bustan Bitumen


BUSTAN BITUMEN is a solvent free, non-fibrated. BUSTAN BITUMEN emulsion coating of brushing consistency which dries to give a firm, flexible, waterproofing and protective membrane. BUSTAN BITUMEN is suitable for the treatment of concrete, asbestos, metal, roofing felt and other similar roofing surfaces whether flat or sloping. Coverage rates vary according to the density, porosity and texture of the concrete to be treated. Typically a coverage rate of 3-5m2 per liter. Keep away from direct sunlight in a sealed container, the shelf life is twelve months.

Applications & Advantages

General waterproofing and damp proofing of concrete, asbestos cement sheets, roofing felts, wood etc. Protection of foundation, retaining wall of steelwork, pipes and metal. Resists attack by chloride and sulphate ions present in the ground water. Excellent resistance to sea water, potable water, ground water, alkalis etc. Easy application due to paintable consistency, suitable for new and old concrete.


Away from direct sunlight in a sealed container.

Drying time

1 to 4 hours depending on application rate and climate conditions.


By brush or roller. Shake well before use.